how do you calculate how much protein you should have in a day. i know you multiply something by your weight or something like htat


umm, usually you try and aim for 1g per body weight. That’s more for maintance, but if you’re trying to build weight, then probably around 1.5g-2g per bodyweight. It depends…


It does depend on how much your body can take. If you are a normal athelete, 1 g per pound is good. When you start getting into the higher reaches, like 200 g per day, it becomes harder for the body to take it all in without waste. You can only use 25-30 at each meal. So if you are having six meals a day, you could get 180g protein without a problem.

But if you are 150 lbs. and taking 2 g per lb…
300 g’s of protein is alot :shock: