I take protein after every workout, but it doesnt seem to work because I havent gained that much weight. Although, my question is if it repairs and helps heal the muscles you worked out, if you throw/ pitch and seem sore, would taking protein help?

I tried the protein after pitching thing, and it didnt do a damn thing but make me more sore. If you want to take something like that, try glutamine, it works wonders.

I also know some excellent proteins for different things (i.e. muscle maintenance and muscle builders) if u need any advice

That stuff never did anything for me but bloat the hell out of me, upset my stomach and rob me of energy. The thing that works for me to kill sore muscles literally within hours is msm/supergreens/vitamin c. Do some research on the acid alkaline balance and you will find that to break up the acid in the muscles it is best to stay more alkalized. Green leafy veggies r underrated and they absolutely own sore muscles. It even helps keep my joins well lubricated and has increased my flexibility tremendously.