whats the best thing to take after a workout to get stronger and recover faster, whey protein, muscle milk, protein bars?

Long answer:

Short answer: quickly digesting protein + carbs (like whey + maltodextrin, or another such combination)

wow probably the most confusing thing ive ever read

Yeah, that article was a bit heavy on the scientific jargon. But the basic message is that post workout nutrition is important to keep the muscle out of breakdown mode and get it started toward recovery.

[quote]With this said, I believe it’s reasonable to suggest that a strength athlete consume one meal of 0.8g of carbohydrate and 0.4 g of protein / kg of body weight immediately after training.
Thats the macro ratio for the post-workout meal. Beradi suggest that you intake the proteins and carbs through liquid since they are digested and absorbed faster. Rather than going with protein hydrolysate and maltodextrin (which is the optimum, but more expensive mix) you could use whey protein powder and mix it with fruit juice. Depending on the nutritional macros of the juice and protein, you might have to make some adjustments.

Me, for example = 90kg
So, Carbs-72 and Protein-36
I could get that from 2 glasses of orange juice and 1.5 scoops of protein powder. Not the fastest absorbing option, but it should work just fine.