im a small dude, im almost 16, but im 5’ 8" and 130 lbs. im gonna start taking a protein supplement. i currently cannot workout b/c im rehabing from throwing arm shoulder surgery.

good or bad idea, or doesnt matter?

What is the point? Protein rebuilds muscle. If you don’t break down the muscle, then the protein will go unused and turn into fat.

There are plenty of ways to workout that dont involve the shoulder. Will it be more difficult? Yep, but it can be done.

You should hit the posterior chain frequently and build up from there. This would be one of the rare circumstances where it would be a good idea to use the leg press, leg curl, leg extension, because squats and deads might hurt your shoulder. There are quite a few things you can still do that will build useful muscle- hypers, bodyweight squats, running with sled, certain calf raises (you can use the leg press station). Don’t let the shoulder injury stop you. I’m sure there are plenty of people who can offer additional exercises for you to do that do not involve the shoulder.

thanks dude