Protein shakes.

Ok. So im going to buy Whey protein.

I am buying this for post workout meals. What other things would be good to include in the shake. And would i put this is a blender?


Good whey can be mixed into a glass of milk with naught but a spoon. Some people just use water, but I can’t stand the taste. Otherwise you could use a shaker cup. If you need a blender to mix it you need to find better stuff.

Stay away from the GNC brand. Doesn’t taste good and I don’t think I could get it to mix if I used a power drill. Lumpy shakes are no fun.

I can vouch for the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey. Good stuff.

The only other thing would pretty much be Glutamine or any other fruit.

And no you do not have to put it in the blender. You can get a shaker bottle and mix it like that. Obviously though if you do put fruit in it you would have to use a blender though.

i always find that no mattter which brands i’ve used on whey protein, they never mix into cold liquids well enough. Drinking it with room temperature water can only be stomached so much and i can’t imagine milk not being cold when i drink it…any suggestions on how to get them to mix well? i have a shaker bottle but if i put milk in with that it becomes too bubbly to enjoy.

For mixing you might want to try something called an “immersion mixer”. Just Google “immersion mixer” and you should get lots of choices at various prices. We’ve had good luck using this with GNC’s products and milk.

The ON Gold Standard mixes great in cold milk.

Ok, thanks guys for the quick response.

I think im gonna go with the gold standard whey. Extreme milk chocolate flavor.

So here is my new question:

What is the best way to mix it? Some people are saying mix it with water, or skim milk. But what other ingredients would make the best smoothie. Also, If i do mix it with milk, can i use whole milk?

^^ I think that one may be cheaper maybe only but like 50 cents but everything counts.

Also another whey protein to consider. It is more on the expensive side but is also the best product out there for Whey Protein.

I don’t know if you have considered Casein Protein but it is also just as important as Whey. Casein is for you when you wake up and go to bed. Your muscles restore most while you are sleeping that is why it is important to have a slow digesting protein to help restore your muscles even quicker. <–Casein

If you do end up buying both kinds of protein there is a deal.