Protein Shake ideas

I was looking for some ideas for a protein shake for post workout. I already have the powder but need some ideas for what else can go in that can help build muscles mass. Thanks

The powder and some milk/water should be enough. You can add peanut butter to give it flavor and extra protein.

thank you so much also any reccomendations of fruit I could eat too that are great for helping me train baseball speciifc

Food values and their time release, energy ready, and related matters is a worth while study for you to consider. Since your interest is focused on baseball specific, this sport and you are really fortunate to have a food content and ready for use consideration that’s not all that difficult to address.

Take a moment and read this web page:

You’ll find a wealth of information there that will serve you well.

Another fine source is the Steven Ellis publication called TUFFCUFF. In that publication he details the understanding of the glycemic index and how that pertains to your balanced nutrition and supports your baseball training. In colleges, many clubs address this subject as a “training table”, or with a similar nomenclature.

I should also point out, briefly, that certain foods can actually have a negative impact on your digestion when combined with other foods. That subject is way too deep to explore here and is very personal to each and every person. Case in point - I had a player that was told to drink plenty of tomato juice (for whatever reason.)
Well, he did. Lots of tomato juice. The consequence of going it without fact finding what happens when large quantities of this stuff is digested, lead him to some sort of reaction from citric acid. Not good. His reaction dampened his ability to sit for a normal dinning experience.

I do want to add that, I’m not a big fan of supplements. Sure, protein is good - but, you should be getting all the protein you need from a balanced meal plan at home, at school, and so on. Don’t think that because you want to “bulk up” that this is a training plan that is worth chasing. Your body is use to the life style that you are now engaged in, the foods that you are taking, your energy levels, and so forth. Taking supplements, any supplement, can alter your body’s consumption cycle and how that cycle supports your everyday function(s). So, be very careful with this protein stuff and anything else on your training list. Also … and extremely important, let your parents know what stuff your taking - the brand names, how much, when and at what times. Don’t go this alone and keep things to yourself. Why? If you ever have a reaction to any of this stuff, somebody has to know the details. .