Protein on days off


Is it beneficial to take protein isolate shakes during days that I’m not doing anything? I.e. Lifting, throwing, etc.


Yes because off days are when you heal and need food the most.


True but you that doesn’t really complete the question. Because a day after you will just need protein and it could be a waste to use the fast absorbing protein in a liquid form. It might not be any different to use the fast absorbing or just eggs, meat or any other source of protein.

I don’t waste my isolate on anything other than post workout.


Not trying to hijack the thread…

Does anyone take it after practice?



I do.


Does anyone take it after practice?[/quote]

After game pitching and pens.


Does it seem to help any?


I say that yes it is very beneficial to take protein shakes even on your days off. After those workouts, the fibers in your muscles are rebuilding after they have been torn from the workouts. That is how the muscle builds. Of course it’s not just the shakes, they only help. The foods that you eat are where you really get it all from. Anyways, when someone sees a person whose really built, they think, “Wow, they must workout all the time”. On the contrary, you don’t build muscle in the gym, you build it out of the gym with plenty of rest and nutrition. Protein shakes are one way of doing that and are a good source, though not the main one, since your muscles will absorb the protein faster when in liquid form.