Protecting hitters

Do you protect your hitters? What I mean is if the other team plunks one of your guys, do you retaliate? I do.

“If they knocked two of your guys down, I’d get four. You have to protect your hitters.” - Don Drysdale.

“‘Don’t dig in against Bob Gibson, he’ll knock you down. He’d knock down his own grandmother if she dared to challenge him. Don’t stare at him, don’t smile at him, don’t talk to him. He doesn’t like it. If you happen to hit a home run, don’t run too slow, don’t run too fast. If you happen to want to celebrate, get in the tunnel first. And if he hits you, don’t charge the mound, because he’s a Gold Glove boxer.’ I was like, ‘What about my 19 game hitting streak?’ That was the night it ended.” Hank Aaron’s advice to Dusty Baker.

I sure do, even if they throw at one of my hitters someone is getting plunked.

is it some macho honor thing to protect your hitters? Why would you screw up your stats just to make a point? I’m being devil’s advocate here.

Only once. My coach told me to hit this gunslinger from texas who called our team a bunch of fags. 71 mph fastball in the back. It hurt.

Can’t anymore. If you so much as look at the batter you will get ejected.


Things are different nowadays from when they used to be.

You can’t just throw at a hitter because one of your own got hit. The majority of the time people get hit for no reason at all. As you get to the higher levels the pitchers let the coaching staff deal with these issues.

I’d probably just hit the opposing pitcher