Proper way to ice

I was just wondering how you guys ice…how long, different areas, anything…is there a wrong/right way to ice? help would be appreciated

Ice where there is inflammation (soreness). Also use like an Under Armour shirt to cover your arm when you ice. I don’t really go by the twenty minutes rule, I try to go over 30 usually. As long as your skin is fine it shouldn’t be a problem. Also compression helps a lot also.

I Ice on my bare skin for 20min on my elbow and 25min on my shoulder. Our trainer here said 20-25min hr off then you can ice again so I normally ice 1-2 times a night.

Thanks guys I’ll try to do that next time i ice…also i was wondering if anyone does tubing excersizes…ive heard that those help too…any truth to that?

according to our trainer i have tendonitis in my elbow and he tells me 2 give myself an ice massage untill it goes numb… i don think thats how its supposed 2 be tho lol