Proper pitching mechanics

Hey everyone, I’m a position player/pitcher, I’ve never had any formal pitching advice and do not have the slightest clue how to pitch, I throw mid 70’s and my accuracy is horrible. Could you guys help me learn how to throw with proper mechanics? I can’t upload a video of me throwing because I don’t have a camera yet but will soon. Thanks.

Hey lefthander,

Welcome to the forum. What year are you? There are some articles you can get to from the articles tab at the top of the page. These will hep you get started. As soon as you get some video (You can take pretty good video with just a smartphone, just need to be close), people will be glad to help you make any adjustments you need.

Good luck,


I’m a junior, and thanks for the advice, I’ll try to upload a video by the end of today.
Edit: Height 6’2
weight 185
Bench 205
deadlift 315
squat 225 lol
No idea what my bodyfat is but I have a 4 pack

I have really long arms and legs so I dnt know why I throw so slw

At the top of this web page is a list of topics. One of those topics is ARTICLES & VIDEOS. “Click” on the ARTICLES & VIDEO topic and that will bring you to the following:

Select any one of those topics and you’ll find a wealth of information to help you in your process of learning this craft. Steve Ellis has done an amazing job of collecting professional advice and suggestions, all brought to you at no charge.

In the months I have been a member, somehow I have missed this information. I spent a couple of hours looking around last night…great stuff.

Thank you I appreciate it.

Vi-Dee-Ohhhh :wink: