Proper Medicine Ball work

hey guys whats up. Sorry for all the posts. But you guys give such good answers that i keeping coming back.

I have a question about medicine ball work. I plan do some of these throwing routines that i have here on this website.

I was wondering which ones are actually good and which ones aren’t. And what muscles do each of these stress. Are they all for your core or do some actually affect your arms as well. I was planning to do the core 3 times a week during the season. Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

I thought that the first exercise on the clip was good. They say they do 80-120 throws throughout the offseason. Thats alot. I was only planning to do about 30-50 during the season.

So ya is the first clip a good exercise and should i do more than 30-50 or less. Also what are some more links or more examples of core exercises with medicine balls. Because rigth now i have only been doing medicine ball work for 2 weeks and already i can feel my whole core getting stronger and me being able to throw harder. :smiley:

All of them are good. The first is a torque drill to increase rotational speed. The second isa catapult to improve the flexion at the waist. The last 2 work the decelerators of the arm.