Proper Mechanics for submarine?


Is there such a thing? I’ve been throwing overhand and submarine since i was little and I was messing with it today trying to figure out good mechanics and its not easy since your not doing the same wind up as a normal 3/4 or overhand throw.


I really don’t know :lol: .
I’ve messed with submarine before too, I’ve been able to throw my knuckleball submarine but nothing else from there works for me. Good luck to ya with the submarine stuff.


Most people usually recommend that you find a professional coach or at least a coach who understands the mechanics of a submarine pitcher so that you know the proper functions of throwing with your arm that low. You can fool around with it and see how far that gets you. When I fooled around with it, I found it much easier to go to the stretch instead of trying it from the wind-up.


Since sumbarine is such a rare windup there isnt really any “correct mechanics” in my opinion. I think that really you should do what ever works for you. Some people throw submarine almost like a low side arm. Others almost touch the ground.

Glad to see there is some one else here who is at least interested in pitching submarine :P.


Try going to the clips section and looking at Chad Bradford. IDk if they would be considered good or not…Good luck :slight_smile: [/img]


If you look at many of the submariners, there really isn’t a lot different in their mechanics from a regular pitcher other than the fact that they have extreme shoulder tilt towards their arm side.

The arm still operates in a similar fashion, as the mechanics of the shoulder and elbow still apply. The arm circle should still be applied and you will see a similar layback of the forearm into maximum external rotation.

The main key to avoid arm problems as a submarine pitcher is to finish with a pronated hand position and follow through to your opposite hip like you normally would, so that you are relieving your elbow of the undue stress down there.