Proper Curveball

I need to reteach myself the curve all over again because for the last two months since I have changed my mechanics it hasn’t moved but maybe two inches when it used to break at least 10. [size=18][b]What is the proper way to throw the curve and what are some drills I can do to teach it to myself right? I really need help I have a game tom. and I need some ideas![/b][/size]

Tomorrow? And you want us to cure what you developed over time? ok.
Do this, go outside, get you a throwing partner, stand about 20 to 30 feet apart, now don’t do anything except just toss back and forth and practice the release at slow speed…follow through with the mechanic, but the idea is just get to re-feeling the pitch without any arm impact. Feel your grip, feel your release…visualize, fastball behind, curve up front, relax, you will find it, work it in your bullpen and in between innings, important not to press or over-throw it, just throw it through the catchers glove and be positive, remember every pitch won’t be perfect but the less you press the easier the pitch will come to you, have fun!

i kow this isnt goin to be cured in a day i just need some ideas to try

It might be, re-read my post and apply it. Who says it has to take a long time? You already know how to throw it, just have to bring it back. Like I said relax, approach it like you know what you are doing…because you do.