Proper arm action? How to prevent rushing?

I was wondering what you look for in a good arm action. I basically need to know this because with my old arm action I was not getting my arm up into the high-cocked position at landing (i.e. rushing), and with my “new” arm action I feel like I’m long arming/catapulting the ball. It seems that for most people their arms naturally get up to vertical right at landing while staying closed - is there a key to doing this (getting the arm vertical)? I’ve heard that the arm should stay rag-loose, is that the key?

thast pretty funny cuase i posted a topic just like this one like a month ago.

yes, the arm should be loose.

you dont wanna move the arm with you arm muscles becuase when it comes time to release the ball you wont throw as hard becuase with any muscle in your body- the losse it is the better the reaction time and explosiveness is.

your arm should naturally fall into that arm slot. its a result of you doing the right thing with other parts of your mechanics…

if your still having problems. try lowering where you rest your glove when you come set.

notice how low tim lincecum places his glove down…it allows him to get that full extension with both arms and still get into the high cocked position.