Proper age for checking your velocity?

What would be the proper age to start checking how fast you throw? I’m 16 and still haven’t used an official radar gun or anything that clocks my speed. I know working on mechanics is a bigger issue right now but does it hurt to know my exact speed? I think I throw mid to low 70’s but who knows for sure.

Every club that I’ve been with has had a “Field Day”, which patrons and fans would get to meet the players, run the bases, and learn a few things about the art of this game.

Without fail, the two biggest attractions were the batting cages - how far can I hit the ball, and the bullpens - how fast can I throw the ball.

If there’s one thing that I took away from all that was the basic curiosity trait that humans have to know stuff, like how fast, how hard, how long, how anything that pertains to achieving maximum this-or-that.

With respect to your question - sure, go out there and launch one! No, make that as many as you’d like, just prepare yourself for demanding more of that very fragile part of your body - your shoulders and arms. So, satisfy that curiosity that you have and enjoy the results, and take the entire experience as such - you’re have fun with it.

However, taking how fast you can throw and chalking that next to any pitch in your inventory and expecting to get results with that (those) combinations takes a bit more work - and work it is, not fun.

Just a side note here -
During one “Field Day”, an adult who should have know better, tried to impress the lady that was in attendance with him, reared-back and let one fly just to show off. He thought he was still in his prime. And although the knucklehead hit 92 , for the next six weeks he nursed a shoulder that kept reminding him of how stupid he was - not to mention his wife saying … “ do you know how stupid that was?” … over … and over… and over. That was almost 22 years ago, and it still bothers that knucklehead, not to mention a reminder … with a smile … “ still bothers you, doesn’t it my dear?” (hmmm women…)

Coach B.

There is a lot of curiosity to speed and I think that it is “one of the” bench marks to test were you are in your ability to pitch. It could help you understand if you are going to be a power pitcher or more of a finese pitcher. The speed gun can also increase your confidence and develop more mental toughness due to you being at the right point in your pitching. But in no way let the radar gun decrease your confidence or make you think you are less just because of a number, there really isn’t much difference between 69 and 75 in the bigger scheme of things… use the radar gun to make sure your 75 mph fastball has a changeup at 65-67 mph, that would be a really good way to use it. And honestly unless you are using one of the really expensive guns, 75 mph could be 71- 79 anyway.