I think I supinate my wrist instead of pronating upon release. I notice awhile ago but never thought much of it until I hurt my elbow. So how important is it to do this? Also how should I go about fixing the problem?

Also if you happen to know what benefits I could gain from changing this I would appreciate it but if you don’t know the answer to this part thats o.k. I mean I’ll find out if I change it.

Supinating into release puts extra stress on the elbow. That’s generally not good - especially for young kids. The hand will normally pronate on its own after release.

One way to practice NOT supinating is to throw fastballs using a ball that has a stripe drawn around the middle or that has one half entirely colored black. The idea is to throw the ball such that the strip or the colored half remain in a constant position and are easy to see despite the spin on the ball.

Benefits from not supinating are a healthier arm and the ability to throw pitches with arm-side run.