Pronating Early?

Chris, now that I saw that video of you demonstrating Dr. Mike Marshalls pitching mechanics, I now KNOW there is no way that anyone who pronates that early, will EVER throw above, lets say 65 mph. Heck, There is no WAY that is safer than pronating at the normal time.

Show a me bona fide major league pitcher who throws even close to that way and I will be amazed. Honestly, there are so many flaws in that motion, anybody who threw like that would not last a season.

In that video, I’m not pronating early. I’m also not trying to throw for speed. Instead, I’m just trying to demonstrate some of what Dr. Marshall is talking about.

If you want to see what Dr. Marshall’s guys can do, buy his 2006 video.

If you want to see a major league prospect who throws with an equally unusual motion, see Josh Outman, a prospect in the Phillies organization.

Again, not to rock the boat, but Josh has gone back to what most would consider pretty normal throwing/pitching mechanics. When I saw him throw a couple pens a few weeks back, he looked no different than any pitcher you would see throw. Quite a change from a couple years ago and how his father had suggested he throw.

He is doing this because he is trying to win a slot with the Phillies and they absolutely will not look at him if he doesn’t pitch using a conventional arm slot. His plan is to revert back to the Outman mechanics (or at least aspects of them) once he has made it up to the big club.

[quote=“Chris O’Leary”]His plan is to revert back to the Outman mechanics (or at least aspects of them) once he has made it up to the big club.[/quote]How do you know this?

I’ve talked to his dad.

They live about 5 miles away from me.

Again, not to beat a dead horse here, but I think this is a case of Josh telling his father what he wants to hear, the same way he did when he pitched in St. Louis. As soon as he got out of St. Louis, and out from under his dad, he started throwing the way he had to in order to get drafted. I know that when Coach Hendrickson asked Josh to throw differently, he took it very hard knowing that he would have to tell his father.

If the Phillies draft someone and promote that pitcher up through the minors, and have him pegged as a top prospect, then when he makes the big club he changes everything that got him drafted and promoted, the you know what is going to hit the fan. Somethings got to give and it’s not going to be a Major league team or their coaching staff.

I can see your point. Fritz is a little different.

I don’t think he’ll do this, but I do think he might start to morph back to the Outman mechanics.

If the Phillies are smart, they’ll let him throw however he wants as long as he’s effective. If they aren’t smart, but he’s still effective, then he’ll probably end up with a Moneyball-driven team like the A’s or the Red Sox that looks at players with their spreadsheets and not their eyes.

A lot of people made fun of Chad Bradford until they learned to look at the results.