Promo Code for Baseball Think Tank Camp

My son and I want to attend one of the Baseball Think Tank camps this summer. When I started looking at the dates and which camp would work best, the price was $1600. But a week later, once I was ready to sign up, the price had gone up to $1900. Theres is a place on the signup form for a promo/discount code. Does anyone know what that might be? The $1600 price tag was pretty steep for us to begin with, and the extra $300 makes it even more so. Thanks.

My son attended the camp & I’m on the email list. They do have an early bird special but not sure when it ended. I’d suggest emailing Lantz & explain you were ready to sign up and see if he’ll still give you the price. Well worth the money.

Thanks for the response. One other question. I went ahead and signed up for the Aug. 10-12 camp. On the confirmation email, it said camp starts at 6:00 pm on Fri. and Sat. That’s got to be a typo, right? I can’t imagine getting much done at a camp like that if it starts at 6:00 pm. Thoughts? Thanks.

Pretty sure it was a 6 PM Friday night start when my son went. Best I can remember 1st night is 3 or 4 hours. Saturday is the longer of the days. Think he polled to decide on a early or later start time for Saturday. Sunday is a shorter day like Friday. Remember him saying he schedules like that to allow people to get into town on Friday’s & get out of town on Sundays.

Okay, thanks. That makes sense. So the 6:00 pm start on Friday is probably right, but starting at 6:00 pm on Sat. is probably a typo?

That I’m not sure about. I remember him polling about a start time for Saturday because there was an event downtown. A lot of the participants parents wanted to go so we ended up with the later start time although I don’t remember exactly what time. Was nice having a few hours to hang out in Nashville.