has anyone ever tried prolotheraphy it’s an inflammatory injection that helps strengthen tendons and liagaments. thoughts? thanks
here is an article about a softball pitcher who has an torn liagament and is fully healed after getting the treatment

can this replace tommy john surgery??

No. It cannot replace Tommy John surgery. If it works it might help prevent surgery in the case of a partial tear with the potential to heal. I have no idea if it works.

just an injection? how much would that cost? I bet my work would cover it all, i may look into this

i have done some research on it and its reconmended more then cortisone shots because cortisone shots mask the pain… while this actually strengthens the ligaments and tendons

This has not been proven.

I am very skeptical about all of this.

Conceptually prolotherapy works by injecting an irritant near the location of the damaged tendon or ligament. This supposedly causes a healing response to occur in the tendon or ligament.

I did read one study where it seemed to help in about 50% of back cases, however it didn’t matter if they injected the irritant used for prolotherapy or injected a saline solution so the source of the pain relief or healing was unclear. I’m going from memory here and my numbers could be way off.