I pitched today. 2 innings and got 4 strikeouts 0.00 era no hits 1 walk. and i did find out that i’m 5’5". I might pitch again tomorrow but i think im off to a good start. most of the balls i threw were low but im working on it and i still cant really throw a curveball that comfortable so far.(any advice) i didnt throw as fast as i could because the mound felt werid (the practice mound was like a foot high) i dont have a pick off move really just the normal step off and throw. anyone have pick off moves for a right hander?

I suggested on another thread that you get a can/box/some target and put it on the outside of 1st and repeatedly practice throwing over until you get comfortable. Get your buddies to help, use a rubber ball and see if you can pick them off/ see who can get the biggest lead without getting picked…heck you can make all kinds of games over it. The idea is to get comfortable with the move.
Also once you do get a move, then when you first get a runner on, go ahead and just toss over and get the distance and comfort established again, then you have the guy set-up for a decent move.