Proffesional velocity

I have been checking multipe sights and I have not found anything on this… I was just wondering how fast did proffesional pitchers throw at 14or 13…

Be careful being concerned about velocity at this age; that is the age to be teaching palm ball/change of speeds as that change of timing is what’ll get hitters out. Continue to long toss to improve velocity.
It’s location, movement, then velocity in that order at ANY age that any good pitching coach will teach.

Thank you for that. I throw decently hard. low 80s heading into 8th grade playing but my coaches seam to stess velocity over control and movement. I will work on my accuracty and do some more long toss.

They want quick results against kids who can’t hit. In high school you’ll have to get good hitters out and you won’t do that with velocity alone. Location and movement and change of speeds. All the great pitchers have it

Thank you so much right now I have a curball and a changeup that are pretty good for my seconday pitches. do you think i need any more??

You can work on a cut fastball. It’s thrown with no stress to the elbow. If you are a RH pitcher, you’ll get movemebt away the RH hitter. Mario Rivera went to the Hall of Fame with just that pitch! He never threw a curve, slider, split. Just the cut FB.
Don’t throw that CB too often. It’ll dmamage the liner nerve in your elbow if thrown wrong. A change, FB and cutter never will. Remember your goal. It should be to become a really good varsity HS pitcher. Set that as the goal.

That should say
The Ulner nerve