Professional Tryouts

I was browsing online at some tryouts for post college atheletes/professionals and I came across this site

Currently I’m playing in the northern league but with that league going under I was looking at other options. Those tryouts are awfully expensive and something I wouldnt pay for unless it really is legit. Does anyone know the guy that runs these tryouts his name is Matt Stark.

Next season I’m planning on playing with either the St. Paul saints in the American Association or with the Windy City Thunderbolts in the frontier league. I have connections with both organizations so this gives me an opportunity to go in and throw a bullpen but I also want to get an early start and get some looks from affiliated teams again because I’m in jury free now and was wondering if those tryouts are opportunities to do so.

I’m going to suggest some advice, as time goes on, please consider.

You’ll probably tell when things are going from bad to worse, when talk starts to get a little rough around the edges, and small talk turns into hate talk. (you know what I mean.)

Stay out of it. Don’t burn any bridges behind you, keep faith that good people will sift out through all what’s going on around you, and stay positive. This will be a tall order- but trust me on this, I’ve been there. So take note of the following:

don’t talk about opportunities somewhere else.
stay away from the gatherings of players in a corner, at the vendor’s entrance, in the showers, on the bus, and any other place that draws negative attention.
you’re being watched for signes of “jumping ship”.
watch your personal things, keep your personal items limited to just what you need - you know basics.
if you don’t have a pad lock on your bags - GET ONE.
ALWAYS say good morning, good afternoon, etc., to the current owners if and when they walk by.
don’t talk to the bus driver(s) about anything.
if and when the time comes for a private security company to “lock” the place up - don’t talk to them or even acknowledge their existance.
get ready to be out of cash, money owed you - it gonna happen.
don’t loan money to anybody right now.
stay out of bars and don’t drink and talk.
time to leave the stadium bunnies behind - they mean nothing to you.
the coach(s) that you least expect, will offer you a good word down the road - bank on it.
when the time comes, say good bey with grace, shake hands with a smile and wish the best who have the least.
don’t sign anything submitted to you by the motel(s) that your at.
any security deposits that you have open with the motel should be on record, so find the copy that you have and get ready to submit it when the time comes.
don’t leave any bills for dry cleaning, phone service, meals, parking tickets, and the like outstanding - they’ll come back to haunt you big time.
just before you leave, make it a point to shake hands with the hired help that swept the floors of the stadium, security guards, vendor stands, etc., ---- you’ll meet them again, trust me on that one.

I’ve meet players like yourself eight, nine even twelve years down the road when they(and me) least expected it. This family of ours - baseball, is a very small family, very close, very personal.

Treat the game and the people in it like family and you’ll always have a reunioin to look forward to. I did. It took the edge off the lonelyness, just a bit.

And on that note, this will not be an easy time for you. You’ll have down days that add up reall quick. So, don’t keep grinding on things that you can’t control. Faith in yourself and your ability to think on your feet, good personality, marketable to the public as “sellable”, and you’ll come through it.

Roger, JD, Steven, Laflippin, DM, Dino and countless others are good people to PM from time to time just to keep things … you know … straight. You’ll want to bounce things off of these men. Their advice will keep some sort of sanity in what your about to go through. Oh yeah, PM me too.

I hope things go well for you and your family.

Coach B.

Coach baker thanks for the input. I pretty much follow all of that and keep my mouth shut and mind my own business. I’m just looking at my options and it wouldn’t be bad idea for me to go to a place where I can succeed and get back to where I need to be (affiliated ball).

How old are you? If you’re 22 or 23, then the Frontier League may better. There are a decent amount of players signed out of there who are sent to A ball. St. Paul generally gets more experienced players and I’m assuming the AA will be the same way or similar to the Northern League. They have a number of players signed who go to Double A or above.

The key is putting up numbers, so if you’re younger, go to the Frontier League where you have a better shot at that.

I’m not sure about the link you posted, but most MLB teams have their own independent private workout before spring training between January and March. Just give the teams a call and see if they’re doing it this year. I’d suggest calling in early January as this time of year is very busy for teams putting together rosters, prepping for free agency and getting ready for the winter meetings.