Professional Ball?

I’m 23 and I’ve played college ball for the last 5 years. The problem is I have had a lot of problems playing. Here is a quick run through. (I’m 6’1 190 pounds - LHP)

Year 1) Didn’t pitch past JV only threw about 77-78
Year 2) Pretty much same story, transfered to a D3
Year 3) Started throwing harder - topped out at 83, didn’t make grades and I wasn’t eligible to play.
Year 4) Started throwing much harder - was beginning to touch 86-87 but still wasn’t eligible for the spring so transfered to an NAIA. Saw limited action as a reliever (I had a tough time accepting the role of coming in against one lefty here and there kind of deal and never really got the opportunity to get much farther)
Summer - I had a great summer touched 91, had a KC Royals scout take down my information ect.
Year 5) This is my fifth year I had an ok fall but was started off in the same come face one hitter type role and my velocity struggled and then at the end got to do a couple of middle relief type stuff, touched 88.
Year. I had 23 semester hours going into Christmas break. I needed 24 to be eligible and I took a winter intersession class. I just found out they won’t accept the credit to play ball. I’m still going to fight it some but I’m pretty sure I won’t be eligible to play.

I didn’t start pitching or really playing ball seriously until my junior year in high school. I love baseball now and I want to continue to play, I have a friend who throws around 83-85 (LHP) in the Atlantic Independent League. I know I can play and the thing is I keep getting better. (I think it has a lot to do with my late start) What would be your guys recommendations?

I would say try to finish up school and try out for an independent team

I’d try to go the indy route. There are a bunch of tryouts coming up in the next few months. Get yourself to some of them. You can also tryout for MLB teams, but I think you may have more luck going the independent way first… I know lots of guys that were picked up by MLB teams out of indy ball.

Ya thats what I’m thinking now just trying to figure a way to stay in throwing shape until those tryouts. Velocity will be easy to maintain but going to be hard to throw too many pens.

I think you should get your grades up, then look into what teams are possibly interested in you.

I mean it’s too late, probably, to get your grades up for this college season, so the indy tryouts are really going to be your best bet in my opinion. In terms of staying in shape, does being ineligible prevent you from throwing BP to the college team? That might be an option. You might also try to hook up with a high school team and see if they have any need for a BP thrower which would allow you to work on your stuff while having their hitters face some better pitching. Not sure if that’s something that’s even allowable, but worth exploring.

It’s one thing to throw bullpens, etc., but getting some live pitching against live hitters is helpful, too. It’s a sort of barometer of how you’re practices and bullpens and long toss is coming. So look for ways to do that.

Bingo Steven.

When you go to a tryout for almost any pro team, you will have hitters there also. It’s very likely you will have a simulated game. These pro teams most likely aren’t just looking for pitchers, and they will be putting you guys into game situations against hitters. What usually happens is each pitcher will face in the range of 3-5 hitters, MAXIMUM. And when you get in the game, you better be ready to throw hard. They hold those guns for a reason.

Hammer, your comment about hitters being present at tryouts reminded me of a story—a true incident, by the way. One general manager of a major league team got wind of a pitcher who was a phenom if ever there was one, and he sent a scout to one minor league team’s game to check out this kid. The kid was everything that had been said about him; he pitched a perfect game, with only one batter getting a loud foul off him. The scout watched the game, made notes, and wired the GM with his findings. Back came the reply: “Sign up the guy who got the foul! We’ re looking for hitters!” :roll: