currently i broke my glove arm in a freak outfield accident the first district game, back in march…i had surgery on it and everything…well recently, I broke one of the plates in my arm…which put me in a hard cast, and extends my time not playing by a month or two…what can i do to still keep my arm strength up and everything? I cannot sprint nor lift. would i be bad to lift with just my throwing arm? and would i mess up my mechanics by throwing with the extra weight on my gve arm?

Well, what I learned in PT (this was with stretching though) was whatever you do on one side you need to do on the other. I’d assume you’d feel very akward even doing every day activities with one arm significantly stronger than the other. you’ll have enough of a strength difference just from having your arm casted up. Id stick to just throwing if possible, and stretching what you can stretch on both arms.

im gonna be in this cast for a while…would u recomend me not to teach myself to bat let-handed…better? like leaing the bat with my right arm? or would that mess me up as well?