Problems with plant foot sliding on artifical mounds


Man I hate them. I would rather they just pitch off of flat ground. All my guys have problems with the plant foot sliding. I take a push broom and try to clean all of the sand out of the carpet. The league doesn’t allow steel cleats when pitching. We have tried several different tennis and cross-trainer shoes but cant get a good bite with them. Any have any suggestions on a good shoe to try. Has anybody tried the tennis shoe golf shoes?


My 13YO son pitches mostly from turf mounds and likes turf shoes over molded cleats or tennis shoes.


Do they work well when sand gets in the turf? That’s our problem than and finding shoes that fit. He wears a 14 EEEE


I wear a 15 and I got mine from Boombah. They are the best IMO for synthetic turf mounds.


Thanks for the quick reply. Do ya’ll use the ones with small cleats on the bottom or the regular shoes?


The ones with small cleats.


ok. thanks. We will order some this afternoon when I get home and he decides what color he want.

thanks again.


Son uses Under Armour turf shoes, I think they’re called something like ‘ultimate turf shoes’, they have little rubber nubs on the sole and work well on the local plastic mounds.


We had two BP pitchers that used a mat to toss BP. When setting up the protective screen in front of the regular mound, what we didn’t want was to deteriorate the front of the mound with the constant landing - regardless how short that landing was, of the pitchers. Granted, BP pitchers usually don’t stride, they kind of short-step, and a quick snap-throw to the batters. Nevertheless, those repeated short-jab steps did take a toll on the surface condition of the mound.

The mat that put down was nothing more then a cheap rug, kind of.(nothing but the best with these guys.) In reality, it was a long hallway runner that stretched from the rubber to about ten (10) feet down the front of the mound. The benefit of which saved the expensive mound mix ( the cost to our club of resurfacing) and a darn good stable surface to land on.

So… you might want to try and purchase a cheap hallway runner rug, anchor it somehow to this artificial mound, and see how it works out for you.

If you have a condition where this equipment isn’t yours, but property of somebody else, you might want to talk to those people - person, about making this thing a lot safer and workable for everybody concerned. So what if the rug has blue and pink balloons on it - looking like a loaf of Wonder Bread … so what? Ours did… kind of lighten things up a bit in the process.


As a college pitcher, who plays on turf about half of the time (typical midwest baseball), my teams pitching staff, as well as me, use molded cleats on all turf mounds. Even though we are allowed to use metal cleats, we believe that moldeds are the best when using artificial mounds. Also, they are usually lighter than metal cleats, so ideally we use them whenever we can, practice etc…