Problems Pull Hitting?

Hey Everyone, I’d like to start by saying that I’ve been a huge power right handed hitter for much of my time playing baseball. I’ve had a good combo of contact and power in my swings. However, recently I decided to try to learn to hit the ball the other way.

It took me one long phase of batting practice to figure it out, but I started hitting a lot of balls to the right side. And Whenever I didn’t, it would be hit up the middle. Basically, I was feeling really good about hitting the ball the other way at will.

Over this time that I learned to hit the other way, for some reason, I changed my Alfonso Soriano like stance – with exaggerated bent knees and a really closed stance – into a Derek Jeter like stance, not bending my knees as much, with a significantly less closed stance. I thought it was all fine, especially because now i began to make a lot better contact with inside pitches – pitches that usually tied me up in my old stance. And on top of that, I learned to hit the other way!!

But now, I can’t hit for power at all – And even worse, I can’t pull the ball anymore with my new stance/stroke! I only hit it up the middle! Can someone help me figure out what’s wrong?? Am I just really used to hitting the other way that I’ve stopped pulling for now? Have I yet to develope power the other way???

Just stick to one stance and swing, if you go back and forth it’ll mess you up. Just keep hitting the ball well and your HRs will come, remember that it’s more important that you hit the ball all the time than hitting less but getting it over the fence. I would much rather hit the ball well most of the time and have only one go out than have less hits and have several go out.

if your having problems with your swing dont change it until you have tried to make it work.
Do tee work inside middle and out until you can hit them to the correct spots (left up the middle and right)

then move on and have some one softtoss to those locations then eventually it will come natural when you see the ball coming.

also focus on swinging fast not hard if you try to bomb it all the time you wont hit consistently. Just throw the hands