Problem with Pronation

I cant pronate enough to throw a sinker nor a 2seamer.!?!?! Its really starting to tick me off
When ever I preset for pronation or however you say it… When i throw with pronation it doesnt feel comfortable and put ALOT of strain on my should and that is why I think I’ll stick with the pitches I have now:

    *4 seam Fast ball *Circle Change *Knuckle Curve *Splitter

I mean all my pitches are effective especially my curve and change…
I just have to work on locating my curve…

Any suggestions about the pronation will be much appreciated!!!

Thank You

i have the same problem

i just started to get a little break with using finger pressure and a lower arm angle
try that

I will…

When I throw sometimes… And I use this one motion in my arm the ball starts to cut back… But im not sure it is good to use.

I have seen any pictures of you throwing so I can’t make a whole lot of conclusions. BUT I know when a lot of younger people start throwing two-seamers with added pronation (since naturally the arm pronates on release) they pronate with the whole arm, exaggerating the motion and putting undue stress on the arm. When you pronate think of it being more of a wrist motion other than pronating with the entire arm. Also, an easier way to get sink or run on your two seamer is adjusting your grip. Try holding it more on the inside of the baseball and keep your fingers on top of the ball. I’ll try to post pictures of what I’m talking about later.

Hope this helps