Problem with lower leg

Alright I hae been to a doctor (so it’s not necessary to suggest it).

My lower right leg, front outside, has been killing me when I try to run, let alone jump or make an athletic movement off of it.

I’ve been playing through the pain, I can usually hit a sprint to get a fly ball, and even hurt I know I can play better than others. The other day I ended up DH’n cause it was really bad.

Now for instance I ran the mile for my PE final (6:08:-)), I felt fine the whole way through, but as soon as I finished and walked it was almost unbearable pain.

I’ve had a limp on and off for a bit over 3 weeks now.
It all began when I got hit with a bad pickoff through going back to 2nd base.

The doctor basically said, it is probably broken blood vessels (thus the pain after hard activity), and that it can often take over a month to recover.
As well as their isn’t a whole lot to do, try to excersise it a bit, play as I’m able, and take ibuprofen.

Now doing a little research of my own, it is remarkably like Acute anterior compartment syndrome
Everything falls into place from the cause, to the pain, to what to do.

Now with that said (to a while eh?) I was curious for one what can I do so that when I am healthy I am ready to get out and pitch (I can throw off a mound quite well still, but it’s definatley not 100%), and second if anyone has had this problem if they could tell me how long it took them and measures they took to get healthy.

I have the next week off of baseball period, so my plans were to lift lightly, and do some throwing.

It’s just frustrating because I really want to get my sprint and plyometric training started, but I can’t.