Pro Scouts

My name is Derek Eitel and I’m a 6’5" senior H.S. pitcher from Marshall, IL. I throw in the upper 80’s and have been heavily scouted from a scout with the Baltimore Orioles organization. I want to get my name out to other clubs and get scouted more in order to make my stock go up. However, I don’t want to show up the scout that has showed me respect and has had faith in me. Any Advice on how to approach this and how to contact other teams? Also, any opinions on how to best impress scouts?

well playing on a good summer team will get you noticed also going to some showcases and MLB tryouts during the summer is a good way. As for impressing scouts the fact that your 6’5 and you throw in the upper 80s is impressive enough a lot of scouts will see the size and velocity as a huge plus so for you composure and the ability to throw 2 other pitches for strikes would the key. show them that you can throw anyone of your pitches at anytime in the count effectively and u should catch the eye of some scouts.