Pro player takes 1 month break from all training?

I just found out that Jered Weaver takes a 1 month break

from all training at the end of the season. I know this is probably unacceptable for an amateur player (maybe not?), but being a BIG fan of Weaver and seeing what’s been happening to him in Spring Training, I wanted to know how big of an effect doing something like this would have on someone like him. Could that cost him a great 2012 season and cause me quite a few tears? :bluefrown:

It’s not uncommon for guys to take 4-6 weeks off sometimes even longer depending on the circumstances.

It even happens at the amateur level as well.

Your body needs rest its just that simple.

Don’t worry about Spring Training, guys are getting ready and working on different things over the course of ST.

I’m willing to bet he’s always taken a month off at some point. Wouldn’t be surprised to find out that during College he took a summer off. I know guys that turned down playing in the cape because they need a break.