Pro Baseball Throwing Mechanics

Do you believe, for the most part, All MLB players dont have bad throwing mechanics. Wether it be pitching or just plain throwing.

Do you believe all MLB players have good throwing mechanics.

Do most MLB pitchers have “good” mechanics? Yes, I’d say so.

Do some MLB pitchers have “bad” mechanics? Some could probably be characterized as such.

I wouldn’t just lump pitching mechanics and say, an infielder’s throw, together either.

What about infielders?
DO they all have good throwing mechanics

Well to me “good” seems to be a relative term.

Good in the sense that their mechanics have allowed them to pitch at a high level, high enough to reach the peak of pro baseball? Yes, in that sense everyone has good mechanics.

Good in the sense that they are all put at a relatively low risk for injury, no probably not.

Everyone always seems to lump guys like Zumaya and Wagner into a category of “bad” mechanics. Zumaya is the hardest thrower in the game, and Wagner put together a very respectable, allstar, almost hall worthy career. How BAD can those guys mechanics really be???

It is a realative thing.
Which means perhaps to King’s point of view…not bad not good just yours.
In the world there are many ways in which to enrich ones self. One of those ways is to be the very best at not allowing batters to become base runners in our beloved sport. No we aren’t talking neighborhood, or district of a city, we are talking on the face of the earth 300 or so fellas have gotten it down to where some other fellas want to give them various sums of sweet canola to do just that…for them. The effort of doing this act, can and in fact does cause injury…from minor to severe. I think one perspective may be that those 300 or so fellas are the very best at doing it because they are there. Getting the check means you are in the group of fellas, how good various other things are, including mechanics, will determine how long you can stay in that group, before you are just too old or injured.