Prior's Mechanics not so great?!?

I know that it is a well-known belief that Mark Prior has some of the best mechanics in baseball. I was nosing around the web one night, and found a very interesting article titled “Dr Marshall is no fan of Prior’s Motion” thought it would be a good read for someone out there. It really has some interesting stuff

Thanks for posting the article… This explains why Prior has yet to pitch injury free on a consistent basis; He has a lot of potential, and I would love to see him become a dominant pitcher in the league. Although, just as long he doesn’t beat the yankees, of course… :slight_smile:

Those darn yankees. I thought it was an interesting read. I know he did extensive work with Tom House I believe to work on geting those mechanics down perfect. I had the opportunity to watch him pitch live, and I would have to say it is one of the most fluid things I have seen, and his fastball looks a helluva lot harder than it does on TV. It must be those 20" calves :lol:

Haha, yeah, you gotta love them yankees! :smiley: Wow, I would love to see Prior pitch, but being in Alaska, it’s kind of hard to just drive out and go see a ball game, lol. Maybe at the end of this summer, hmmm… But, yeah, I think Prior’s luck is about to change. I see him becoming a dominant pitcher, and hopefully the extensive work that he’s done elevates his game to an even higher level. Altough, I would really hate to see him go to the orioles, :o/ :shock: lol. Did you have a chance to meet him or maybe get his autograph…?

Mark Prior did have some of the best mechanics in baseball. I’ve read the article and there was also a discussion in another board. I still think Priors problems are not his mechanics but his conditioning. The past 2 years he as been injured in the off season so he could do little in the way of conditioning. As far as I know he is health this off season, so lets see what he does this year.

what? his injuries were do not from pitching but injuries during a game situation. hit by line drive. ran into a fielder. he has the stuff just watch him this spring training.

If Mark Prior has such perfect mechanics…

…then why is it that two other pitchers who have virtually identical mechanics, Paul Byrd…

…and Anthony Reyes…

…have had serious problems with injuries?

I don’t think Prior’s problems can be written off to poor conditioning and carry-overs from other injuries.