Priceless mechanics

Heres my mechanics, I am in my garage. I was really working on my glove action, I felt like I was stabilizing too early and wanted more of an inverted W action with my glove arm. I also abandoned my scap loading arm action adn just went back to whats natural. I am 17 and 6’0’’ and weigh 180 lbs.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. I will also post this on my log

Looking good, priceless. It’s hard to freeze-frame YouTube video exactly on the fast parts of a delivery that are most interesting but…with a little patience I found a really nice frame in your clip that shows you are developing excellent hip-shoulder separation. Many other aspects of your delivery look solid, too, although I’m not a fan of that camera angle. It must be difficult to set up for videotaping in your garage space?

When you are pitching from a mound, either bullpen or game conditions, are you having any trouble commanding the strike zone in the horizontal plane? I.e., do you miss inside-outside more than up-and-down? The reason I wondered is because it looks to me as though your eyes and head are not always tracking toward the target in your current delivery.

When you find an opportunity, perhaps try to get a true 3rd base perspective of your delivery.

Do you have any specific concerns?

I havent really thrown a bullpen this year, just my garage work. I did toss from 60 ft and I was missing up and down a little bit. I think the reason I wasn’t looking at my target was because I was trying to make sure my foot was staying closed. I had a tendency to sweep it open too soon. I will try to get another video asap. This may be hard tho because the net that I used in this video is broken now. I was throwing and a cord that holds it together just snapped.

So I don’t have immediate concerns I’m just working on my stride foot and my glove arm.

I also would like to pick up my tempo a little bit It seems like I’m a bit slow

Are you trying to hit that bucket?

No, Idk why thats there

I’m suspicious of a couple of things that may or may not be issues. Firstly, the lack of a mound. As many on here know, I spout off about the differences between mound and flat ground work. Another thing is how close that net is to you and it’s potential to be in your head and affecting your finish. You tend to have a little movement to the left at the end of the delivery. Now, that could be natural or it could be a result of the proximity of the net. Is it in the back of your mind, hindering your forward motion?

Also, why did you feel it necessary to stop your scap load motion and what was that motion?

Oh, I forgot to mention that I agree with laflippin that you have some good things going on there.

I agree with the other comments here as well except, to me, it looks like you don’t get out over your front foot enough and that is why you end up falling off to the side (although DM makes a good comment about the proximity of the net). But, like laflippin said, a 3B view would be good to see.

Looks like you’re throwing the heck out of the ball. One thing I don’t like is that you tilt your torso back toward 2nd base as you start leg lift.

There is nothing wrong with tilt, tilt can produce higher velocity by using levers(there is a post by coach Jerry Kreber on that on Also, tilt can help reduce injury because it gives you more time to get the arm in the power position.

Thanks for the reference; I will check that out. But until then we might have to agree to disagree about this. My experience is working only with pitchers 13 and under and backward tilt does all kinds of bad things to them. Young guys who lean back like that tend to have poor control, poor rhythm, and they don’t throw very hard. Maybe older guys can make it work, but the young guys don’t have enough core strength.

Have you read the thread just below called “drills to keep hips closed and keep from flying open”? It’s interesting because the 3b clip of Clemens on the O’Leary site is referenced, and if you watch that Clemens does seem to have backward tilt, but the difference between him and Priceless is that he never moves his torso backwards. The tilt comes from his bottom half going forward ahead of the top. It’s tough from this angle, but what I see Priceless doing is leaning backwards toward 2nd as he raises his leg. Also on that thread somebody put up an animated gif of Pryor. He’s much more in line with what I would want to see a young pitcher do with his upper body.


Also, why did you feel it necessary to stop your scap load motion and what was that motion?[/quote]

Because I throw just as hard with this arm action as I did with the scap loading one. I guess now I’m just letting it happen instead of forcing it, feels much more natural and comfortable.

I would agree with this, I think its a lack of leg strength but I’m in the process of fixing that. I think I’m falling more off to the side, because I’m not really worried about location, I’m more focused on velocity right now. I threw recently and noticed that I finish more square to the plate.

So maybe I need to lead with my hip more? I could try it

Thanks, I noticed that I am throwing harder this year.

i think your motion works for you. kind of bob gibson-ish. work on strength and gaining lean muscle mass. throw strikes and change speeds. the hitters will let you know where you’re at.