Preventing Injury

What is the best way to prevent injury as a pitcher, besides stretching?

Throw every day. Even if it’s just fifteen or twenty minutes of playing catch. A lot of pitching coaches advocate this way of keeping the arm loose. You can just play catch, or you can work on a new pitch or refine an existing one—but throw every day. It’ll help prevent all sorts of injuries, sore arms, whatever.
I remember when even in the winter—and in New York City it could get pretty cold, even if it didn’t snow—I would do this indoors where I wouldn’t freeze. I would get someone to catch for me, and usually there was a corner of the high school gym that wasn’t being used, and we would spend maybe half an hour at it. Often I would use that time to work on my slider, which I had just learned. It was fun. :slight_smile: 8)