Pretty Disappointing

Yesterday was a playoff game I really wanted to win. I thought I’d go in and pitch 4 to 5 innings and then have relief. Well I was wrong. First inning gave up a bomb, almost an inside the park homerun but he was thrown out at home. I could not spot my pitches very well the first couple of batters. Second kid 1-2 count fouled off 6 straight 3-2 count fouled off another and then I walked him. We got out of that inning. Time to go to the 4th inning and it’s only 1-0 us. There best hitter is up. He just beats out an infield single. Next kid gets on and they eventually get kids on 2nd and 3rd 0 outs. Struck out the next two and got a ground ball to third to get out of the inning.

6th inning. Top of their order. Here is where it gets bad. They get 1 unearned and 1 earned. I made an error on a fast ground ball hit right back at me (I picked up my glove a second too early) and this kid eventually scores. I feel if I made that play we could have gotten out of the inning them scoring 0. They take the lead 2-1. 7th inning struck out the first two 0-2 on the 9th batter. This kid is terrible. I lose ALL control and I go outside, in the ground, up and in, and finally outside to walk him. If I got him out we could have been 2-1 in the bottom of the 7th. Nope they get two more runs on shot to right field. 4-1. Bottom 7th we don’t get anything. (Batting I went 0-4 :frowning: easily the worst I’ve batted all year).

The first 5 innings I was doing fine. 6th inning I made an error and 7th I walked the 9th batter I feel if I didn’t do that we could have won 1-0. (I lost the game before the Championship) My only loss this season in 5 starts (our 14th game). When the gme mattered the most I gave up a 1-0 lead and that’s all we needed to win. I lost the game for us and should have been playing today in the championship. Crap.

All-Star tryouts at 3:30 today too. I already know I’m on the B team since the coach already has his A team picked out.

Sounds like you gave it your best effort and you kept your team in it i.e., giving them a chance to score runs…hold your head high!

1-0 games are rare.

Don’t take too much credit when you win and don’t take too much credit when you lose. You win and lose as a team.

Finally, if the all star team is determined on the basis of 1 game then the selection process is flawed.

The allstar team was mostly picked out before the season started, this guy basicly picks the kids he knows and I’m not one of them. The only problem I have with my pitching is I could have won but didn’t. My batting wasn’t very good either. Other than that I don’t really care what happened (I mean it doesn’t bother me) and we lost a game we could have won. But hey, you win some and you lose some and this time we lost. Hopefully next year (16-19’s which will most likely be a learning year) we can go and win something.

Yep, pretty hard to lose something that seems to be within your grasp. Hope all goes well with your future games.

Remember, it’s not all your fault, I mean you said 1 run was unearned and if you guys only scored only 1 run then that means even though you bat that there wasn’t any run support. Just let it go.

It is great to vent, get it off of your chest, then put it behind you. You lost, this time. Don’t dwell on negatives, acknowledge you didn’t accomplish your goal for this game, be honest, look for what you didn’t like and improve it, look for what you did like…and improve on it, regret is for fat old men who got nothing to look forward to, losing a championship cg 4-1 is what it is, dissappointing but the way things happen in our art…Maddux lost 2-1 to Dice-K…I’m sure he went through much of the process I just mentioned. Your post verges on self-pity and that is deadly to your future in this game…overcome it, you’ll be surprised at how clearly you see things. I would rate this as one of the important hurdles a little leaguer will have to over-come to play at higher and higher levels.

As to your All-Star selection comment…Remember what regret is for? Well make the coach regret…not choosing you by doing your job on whatever team with the best attitude and work ethic. Look Top, you won’t remember some schmuck coach or A.S. team when you are on the HS team. Develop your skills and talent and let someone else worry about stuff, you just control what YOU can by becoming an excellent pitcher…one of our posters said this a while back, but it’s so true, talent can’t hide, if you have the skills, you’ll be playing the game. Right now have FUN get better, play hard.