Pressure points

Does the amount of pressure that is applied by the fingertips make the ball move more sharply? Or does it just slow the pitch down allowing it to break more? Thanks.

It makes it move… i do the same stuff…gets decent break

is there a way to get a sharper break on a (generic) breaking ball? (i.e. slider, curve, knuckle-curve) I’ve heard that you have to snap the wrist sharper for a curve to have a sharper break, but it doesn’t seem to be working too well… Thanks.

The way my coach teaches the curve is to get myour hand over the top of the ball, and Karate Chop it… That’s what gets the nose to toes 12-6 break. Good hard top spin. You need to make sure though that it has top spin, and not side spin, otherwise it won’t really move. That is, if you’re using the traditional curve ball grip as shown here on this site.

I don’t use the traditional curve grip. I also have two arm angles for my curve. 3/4 and 12-6. I use the 3/4 to throw strikes and the 12-6 as a strikeout pitch. For the grip, I take a two-seam fastball, slide the middle finger over and run about halfway up the horshoe. I use my fingers instead of my wrist to get topspin on the ball. The problem may be that I am not pulling down or “karate chopping” hard enough.

Sounds like you have it figured out. :wink: More break requires more spin. But also make sure you orient the ball so there are more seams cutting through the air.

There is such thing as too much karate chopping right? I used to throw a curveball that was like a 12-6, but quit it because in games I would try to get the most insane drop and most times the ball would be flat.