Preseason workouts

I threw a 45 pitch bullpen session today with no pain which is good for me. Concentrated on mechanics and my stride was very consistent, but my release point wasn’t consistent for pitches 21 through 34 but the rest were perfect with decent velocity and good break on my slider. With only throwing once a week, difficult to keep consistent. Only work I get during the week is with the arm strong training system. Any suggestions on single person drills I can do to keep my arm in condition?

Did Arm Strong Training tonight. Throwing a 40 pitch bullpen tomorrow as a scouting tryout for a semi pro team in the area. I was asked if I could be a starter for their team once a week. We’ll see how it goes. Purchased the frozen ropes product: The Calm Before the Storm with Mariano Rivera. Planning on watching it tonight.

Still looking for suggestions on any drills I can do by myself during the week to help. Cannot do any everyday workouts.

Threw a 22 pich BP session today with no pain. Throwing in a game tomorrow, the 3 middle innings of a nine inning game. We’ll see how it goes. Not in the mindset for the game tomorrow. Want to do more than just pitch 3 innings. Want to bat. Nothing but pitching tomorrow so I am not excited or focused. Feel I can be more of an asset to the team as the 1B player.

Need to focus to help the team.

I pitched two innings in our game last night

5th and 6th innings pitched. 48 pitches, 3 ER, 2H, 3BB, 1K, 1HB. Not real good but only first time out. We won the game 13-10 in 11 innings. Arm a little sore in bicep area but no pain in shoulder. Throwing BP session Thurs. Will post how it goes.