Preseason throwing

I am curious as to what other coaches do as far as pre-season throwing workouts with high school pitchers. How many pitches per day? Do you throw off speed early or wait until the arm gets more strength? Also what are your in season off day workouts for pitchers? Thanks guys!

you can look at our throwing program on our website. just click on handouts under the menu. any questions ask on here or email me.

General reminders: try to work backwards from your first games for your bullpens. You should have an idea as to who will be starters and who will relieve for your team. I have worked in increments of 15 pitches in the past so that pitchers get used to throwing about that many pitches an inning. So from first game, go back and throw 90, then 75, then 60 and so on. For the high shcool season this works out pretty well. Use a bullpen day in between “pitch” days and try to keep that count consistent. Maybe 30-35 pitches.
As far as offspeed pitches, try starting out your first two pitch days with fastball/changeup as these are the two you want your guys throwing the most. Then add offspeed into the mix but try to limit them to two or three for every 15 pitches (inning) so that they get used to this approach for the season. If the offspeed pitch is thrown properly it shouldn’t matter when they start to throw it, you just don’t want guys to overuse it.
For “off” days, use this time to get in your PFP’s, pick drills, first and third situations, bunt coverage and bunt defense drills( four corner, three man), agilities(jump sets, 5 yd round sprints) and also lift days.
Hope this helps.