Preparing the arm


Hey, what are some ways I could get my arm ready for today’s start?


Drink plenty of water, do a good full body warm up with a job and some active stretching/mobility work. Get in a good solid warm up catch before going into the pregame bullpen.
Day of a game is way late to consider how to prep your arm. More of a consistent long term approach is probably better.


thanks. well i’ve been preparing my arm for a while now but i just wanted to know some key things to do the day of. you think i should do a light jog on my treadmill before heading to the game or take a couple laps at the park?


Some of the best advice that you’ll ever receive on this subject was given to you by fearsomefour.

The actual game day should start you at least three hours prior to “scheduled” appearance. Your physical and mental framework is proportional to timing. By that I mean, first get accustomed to your surroundings, where the sun is, or isn’t, the environmental impacts that will impress your presence - heat or the lack thereof, humidity and so on. Start off by slowly building your mental and physical body to accept the demands of the day. Like fearsomefour pointed out, prepare. Remember, your arm is just an appendage that depends on the cooperation of your entire physique, a compliment if you will of progressive movement(s).

On the other hand, if you’re put into the field, then called in to relieve someone with only five(5) to eight(8) pitches as “thee warm up,” you’re pretty well done, even before you begin. So if that is a customary way of doing things where you are, there’s not much here that can help you.


A light jog “pole to pole” as I like to call it, isn’t a bad way to get your body’s tempo going. However, WALK that ground first. Inspect the ground for holes, trash and other things that might injure you. Start off slow, then increase your jog to a sprint. When coming off a sprint, don’t “pull up” and come to a complete stop. Slowly decrease your pace down to a walk. A pause to catch your breath and slightly relax after. Then find a place where you can spread out a towel and use that to do some static-in-place stretching… light stretching. Why the towel? The field/grass can have all kinds of parasites like fleas, ticks, and animal droppings. You don’t want to lay on that stuff. Then, get into a dynamic stretching/warm up routine. What are dynamic stretching/warm ups? The internet has a ton of advice on these, especially designed for baseball and pitchers. Also, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate while experiencing these phases.

Now here’s a consideration - where does all that hydration go? Well, you’ll sweat a lot of out during your pregame workout, but, you’ll be looking for a facility too. Plan ahead for that. Don’t be careless and think that the surrounding private property will accommodate you.