Preparation for Tryout

Hey everyone this is my first post,
I have a workout coming up for a college and I was wondering what I can do in the next week, day by day, to prepare for it. The more depth the better. My main focus is to make sure my arm is as fresh as possible. Hopefully answers would include workouts, nutrition and throwing routines, as well as any other stuff. Thanks in in advance everyone.

I sure hope you’ve done throwing before this. Not to be discouraging, but your arm will not be ready if you haven’t done anything before this to get ready.

No I have been throwing, I’m in season right now for high school. I know what I’m doing training wise, including nutrition and throwing. I’m just trying to dig for new info that might help me make sure my arm is feeling as good as possible to throw.

Resistance bands are amazing. They have been the core to my arm being prepared for pitching this year so far.