Prep schools

anybody have info or advice about going to prep school after high school? is it a better way to get recruited or whats the reason for doing this?

You mean college?

There are high schools that are prep schools. I have a few in my area: St. Joe’s Prep, LaSalle College High School, The Haverford School, Episcopal Academy, Devon Prep, those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. So there are probably a lot of prep schools around you.

Yes, I went to a high school that was a “college preparatory school” but he said after HS which doesn’t make sense…

td, you’ve gone and confused Spencer…now it may take weeks before he’s squared away again :crazy:

The reason is td that Prep Schools are private High Schools. They use marketing phrases to set themselves apart, Prep School, Magnet School…just another way of saying to mummzie and Old Daahd that if you pay us a bunch of cash, we’ll get Jr. a job as a lawyer instead of being a janitor. Some are religious based, some are old Private schools, some just materialize out of somebodies wallet…the upshot is that, it’s you pay and generally they have top flight athletic Depts, A/V Depts, placement and internship programs etc. They use this as incentive to draw in outstanding kids and the moms and dads willing to pay. They are also known to give scholarships to outstanding talent so they can enhance their reputation…Chipper Jones for example, he went to some Red-necked, Cracker school down near Orlando…until he lit up Florida HS baseball for his freshman year…then all of a sudden he’s enrolled at “The Bolles School” in Jacksonville…many other examples are available…you get the idea now I’m sure.

I believe what the initial post was asking was about what’s called a “Post-graduate” or “PG” year at a prep school (the boarding schools that turned out grads who went on to the Ivy League colleges like Yale and Harvard). The PG year is technically a grade 13 of high school. My understanding is that it’s a good option for someone who wants an extra year to mature or develop academically and/or athletically before college. Let’s say you graduate HS and not happy with college athletic prospects, the PG year is a good option, because you have another year to mature as athlete and hopefully get into a better college or onto a better college team. The schools like PG students, cuz it fills their teams with great athletes. Good prep schools include the Choate Rosemary Hall School (where I went), Phillips Exeter, or Phillips Academy Andover. By the way, these schools are no longer for the bluebloods or old money. More than 1/2 of all students are on scholarship. Good luck!