Premature break

is it really a bad thing to break early if u have an elongated motion?

Nope, and I know of a lot of pitching coaches that teach this to create better timing and rhythm with guys with longer arm actions. Post some video…

Very good observation and comment!

There’s an art to coaching that requires - in part, noticing the adjustments to a pitcher’s style based on physique, progression of the body’s balancing act -vs- timing and athleticism, confidence and past training (formal or self imposed) and other impressions.

Steven has just given you one of the “art” forms of coaching pitchers at the professional level that’s rarely - if at all, seen below the pro game.

How come - this lack of insight?

Some … not all, high school and even college staffs tend to get settled into a comfort zone of “as is” … " good enough for this level", and passing on that off as coaching. No big deal if no one knows the difference.

So, how can you take advantage of what Steven just passed on to you…?

Get yourself a video camera, start with the set motion* and break your hands as early as possible, even if it makes you feel unstable and uncomfortable - but do drive hard towards your intended target. Try and verbalize … at the start of each “break of the hands” so your camera picks up at what point your visualization later can assist you with a judgement. Don’t worry about the judgement part, you’ll know exactly what’s right for you when you see it - trust me on this one.

Again, outstanding detailed post by Steven.

Coach B.

  • [/color] For the purposes of this drill, the set motion will offer you the best possible starting point for making your evaluation.

Ultimately, the timing of the hand break combined with the timing of the arm motion must all “fit” into the overall timing of your whole delivery. It would make sense that an earlier hand break would “fit” with a longer, more time-consuming arm motion.