Pregame stretching

What are some specific stretches a pitcher should do before taking the mound? I would like to put together a routine for all my 11 year old pitchers to do every game before they pitch. Just wondering how to get them ready.


I don’t know how you should stretch a 11 year old, but I always just stretch everything. Arms, legs, neck whatever. I always stretch out my arms and lower back alot more than everything else though. Just my personal preference.

specific, im not sure.

before i pitch i warm up with the team, do some light stretching then throw, i then do some theraband work then more stretching then light pen.

when i stretch i usually stretch

hammy - 1 leg folded in with the foot touching the inside of my knee and reach for the foot that is straight with both hands.
do this for both legs,
then i do both together.

back - pushup, i keep my legs on the ground and do a pushup only lifting my chest/stomach off the ground, and hold for 20sec

hip - hip rotators - tricky to explain just search “hip roator stretch” in google.

Standing up arm behind head, try to grab it with your other arm behind your back, one arm above one below.

wrist - arm straight out, palm facing down, pull one hand towards you, then do it palm facing up

I strech my calves, quads, hammy, back, wrists, forearm, shoulder and arms.

This is a site that tells you about stretching

i also found this
Stretching Routine: Hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds.

Side Bends, Rotation, Standing Toe Touch, Twisting Stretch, Standing Groin Stretch, Racer’s Stretch, Hip Stretch, Calf Stretch, Spread Eagle Stretch, Yoga Stretch, Shoulder Stretch, Rotator Stretch

hope that helps

Others may be more up to date then me but the formula to prepare for any activity always was; general body warmup, flexability, specific warmup.

Get your heart rate up, do you stretching, (I’d recommend dynamic stretches rather then static), then do your thowing.