Pregame preperation for a big start

Tommorow I have myself a large opportunity and I start the game at 3 o’clock. If you were me with a game upcoming you really want to take advantage of what would you be doing beforehand?

What i do is take a hot shower. Pray to be allowed to play to the best of my ability. The night before drink tons of water. Try not to think of baseball to much but it will happen where u do. Watch a funny movie. Think of hitting a bullseye dead on, then transfer that thought of the bullseye to a catchers glove. Stay focused with positive thoughts.

Hi 3and0,

Some basic visualization exercises can help you prepare for the game. What you are looking for is to get into a good basic routine where you are loose and focused. Here, is a link to a visualization exercise: Baseball Pitching Tip

Good luck and hope this helps,
Jack Elliott
Baseball Strategy

A little late but whatever I did today I’m doing every game. I threw the ball okay hard, sometimes really hard, and i pitched 5 and 2/3 with 1 hit, too many walks and 3 runs again, all 3 on passed balls. I hit two batters, all I went off balance because i stepped on the wrong side of the hole in front of the mound I think i sprained my knee

Change your screen name to 0-1 …

A question for you, 3-and-0—is it possible you’re throwing too hard or overthrowing? That could account in a big way for your problem in finding the strike zone. Also, what arm angle are you using? If you’re throwing over the top, that could be part of the problem—I wonder if this is indeed your natural delivery, or whether you were told to throw that way. You should stop and take a long hard look at your mechanics and see if anything’s out of whack, and if so, do something to correct it.
I’ve seen a lot of pitchers who sometimes give up a lot of hits, or give up two or three—but they don’t walk anyone. Conversely, I’ve also seen a lot of pitchers who give up maybe one hit but who walk the ball park—and somehow I don’t think you want to do that. 8)