Pregame mental prep, position players and pitchers

Just wondering what you all do before games to get yourself ready?

Listen to music? Eat certain foods? Lucky charms?

PS I made the HS team, not actually surprised but still an accomplishment seeing as a mix of attitude, immaturity and stupidity prevented me from playing for the school before. Our team was 12-4 last year, had ALOT of rainouts. We have a 20 game schedule and we are very good team that will probably win our division and quite possibly win 15, 16 or 17 games this year, not to sound cocky. Im accustomed to playing SS, 3B and pitching but the coach doesnt quite feel for me and he plans for me to play mostly RF, “mop-up” pitching. Im happy with that, I told him id play anywhere he wants me too.

Welcome. Glad you’re here.

Pregame’s for me started the night before I pitched with some sort of pasta and polishing my spikes jet black (except, of course, when I was in the Chicago Cubs organization where we wore royal blue spikes).

i used to do mental imaging on the bus on the way to the game if it was a road game, if it was home i would get to the park early and do it. it seemed to calm and focus me the first few times i did it. i had success after doing mental imaging so i just kept doing it.

How about in game mental preperation? One of the kids from my club team had a start yesterday for the HS FR team. It was a little cold by AZ standards and every inning he had to be told to put his jacket on. Then between innings he was jumping around and talking to anyone that would listen about everything but getting hitters out. His coach finally had to tell him to sit down and try and relax.

What do you like to do or have your pitchers do between innings? :slight_smile:

i have a back massage and shoulder and arm massage before every game…it really soothes your arm and back so you can be more accurate…also…like a sauna or hot tub is what i do when i have home games…but shoulder and arm massages are the best…i gained 5-6 mph when i do this

Hey, good to see you back tanner, this has nothing to do with this topic, but how’s your velocity looking these days? I know a while back you were consistenly throwing about 86-87 mph. I just wanted to see if you’ve been able to improve since then?

well, our first practice was 3 days ago, today we pitched outside for the first time this spring…my speed was about mid 80s and i wasnt throwing hard cause it was 30 degrees out :lol: but it should go up this year…cuz i grew 3 inches :slight_smile:

im gonna try get a video so u guys can see me in action