Pre-Season Form

Mechanics from my last scrimmage, take a look, and I appreciate any feedback!

Sean it looks like you are forcing pronation and it looks like it effects your delivery adversely. Keep your hand behind the ball and let your hand and arm pronate naturally.


Curious why you think that. I don’t notice this at all on standard-def 30 FPS video.

Well notice how he moves his arm right to left, with his hand on top of the ball, during release and post release? To me…and of course due to quality, not completely definable, looks as if he is forcing pronation (I can say this because I still actively throw and in monkeying around have done the same thing)…I think that it isn’t necessary so I commented.

No major issues from my point of view, but when winding up try to shorten that step (sorry for not being specific, is drop step the correct term?) because it can throw off momentum (according to my pitching coach).

Thanks for the input, I dont really try to pronate, the arm slot and everything is just natural but Ill definitely watch out for that.