Pre-season bullpens?

any coaches have some good pre-season pens? or suggestions as far as pitch count and how many pens leading up the the season.


we have 3 or 4 examples of our bullpen scripts on our website. its under handouts.

When I was playing at Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, Iowa, our pitching coach had a great bullpen philosophy. His name was Lawrence Scully and currently he is the head baseball coach at Truman State University. It was very effective and we have adopted the same routine. The following is a sample of bullpen sets:

Set of 3’s
3 Fastballs Out
3 Fastballs In
3 Fastballs Middle
3 Changeups
3 Curveballs
3 Other Breaking Ball

Total 18 pitch sets

Pitchers would throw a set from the windup or the stretch. For instance, a pitcher could throw one set of 3’s to start and work up to three set of 3’s by the second or third week. Also, a coach can be flexible with the plan and have pitchers just throw out of the stretch or work on each individual’s weakness.

we throw pitch sequences in our bullpens and alternate stretch/windup. theres several different bullpens we use. we also do some competitive things with our bullpens. its worked really well for us. like i said we have some examples on our website. if a kid is having trouble with a particular pitch we might throw it a few times back to back but for the most part you dont throw each pitch in bunches during a game so we dont in bullpens. we chart our bullpens and we dont do do-overs on a particular pitch. theres no do-overs in games. like i said though if we’re struggling with a particular pitch we’ll do some repetitive work on it outside our script for the day.

To add to coach’s great pen workout, those fastball in and fastball out pitches can be to a certain spot. The catcher decides if you’ve hit it or not and you are rewarded for hitting the spot instead of for throwng strikes. We have used five straight fastballs, then 2-1-2, fastball curve, or fastball change. If a pitcher has 3 then 2-1-1-2. We then ratchet it up to 3 fb, 3 crv, 3 chg. The 2-1-2 is done twice, then a 2-1-1-2 twice. then the 3’s are done 3 times. It comes out to about 54 pitches from the rubber. We also warm up staight on, from the side, then from 10 feet behind the mound. All together no more than 70 pitches twice a week. Because we don’t freeze to death here in central florida, we can do this outside, we long toss on alternate days. We allow 3 days rest as we feel that young arms need off season rest to heal and grow.

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