Pre-pitch stance

we use the knee to knee approach also. kinda a modified slide step.
when throwing bullpens in the winter we do a few things from the stretch.

  1. we throw as many pitches from stretch as windup. we mix it up constantly. we dont go all pitches from windup and then all from stretch. we script our bullpens constantly switching from stretch to windup we chart these to find problem areas.
  2. we put stop watch on our guys in stretch from 1st movement to mitt.
  3. we work on holding runners by varying looks and counts before going to plate. we script this also.
  4. we end bullpens by playing a 3-2 game. how many consecutive 3-2 pitches can they make before walking a run in. we go fb, ch, fb, bb…
    the most important pitches of a game are more than likely made in the stretch.

when done correctly. This is due to a greater transfer of momentum than what occurs in the stretch. But, it’s like any other mechanics, it has to be done correctly, or it may actually decrease your velocity.

I’m with coachvic here , I’m not convinced the full windup provides anything additional to velocity … I’d love to know , does anyone out there know of any actual studies ? My kid has only pitched from a stretch … and will continue to on the larger field . Just imagine how much simpler it will be for him with runners on base … will definitely be easier for him to master the hook ( when he’s 15 , of course ) . You guys out there developing young pitchers , I strongly recommend bringing them up in the stretch … its all about balance baby !