Pre-game/workout drink/snack?

Just wondering if anyone has something to eat/drink before they workout/take the mound. I like to have nutrigrain bar or banana before a workout/game(whether I pitch or not). As for a drink I drink a protein shake before a workout but nothing(as of now) before a game.

I have a small bar(nutrigrain or similar) and then I drink either Gatorade or some juice. Just something to give me those simple sugars that I need.

You would want to eat something, but personally I would’nt eat too much, because than if you work hard at the game (which we all do) than you’ll start to feel sick. I learned that the hard way :wink:

I would ususally drink Gatorade Prime, or water, and I would ususaly eat a protien bar. But what you’ve been eating sounds good.

spark and amino acids every time before i come into pitch (reliever)