Pre-Game Pitching Warm Up Routines


Looking for a great Pre-Game Warm Up Routine prior to a start. From warm up laps or whatever, to a full dynamic and static stretching warm up, to a throwing warm up, to a pitching warm up until game time. If anyone has a full pre game warmup with everything included please share it.


Quick jog
Dynamic stretching (this can mean a lot of different things, just trying to stay away from static stretching)
Arm circles
J Band routine
A few plyo ball throws (different kind of throws)
Wrist weight routine (pretty quick)
Mid long toss with pull down phase
To the bullpen mound to warm up on the mound


This is exactly what I teach with the exception of the plyometric throws and wrist weights. Instead of j bands, I have tubing with handles of varying tensions. Sometimes have kids do weighted ball movement pattern exercises after dynamic warm-up. I try to have them get a few sprints in after the light jog and dynamic warm-up as well.


How far do you have them take their pre-game long toss? And, are wrist weights better to do pre or post-game?


Once you’ve brought your long toss back and head the pen you should feel ready to go. How many pitches you throw in the pen varies pitcher to pitcher. Obviously, that’s why training with resistance tubing, plyoballs, wrist weights, long toss and weighted balls are important because they prepare the arm to throw more. I think fastball location should be the priority in the pen. I think a good place to start would be 10 fastballs mixing from the stretch & windup working both sides of the plate. Then alternate FB and the breaking ball in 6 pitches. Followed with 5 breaking balls, and 5 changeups (might have to throw a FB or two in there). That’s 20-25 pitches. Anything more is up to the pitcher.


We stay away from the handles only because I have seen some guys get a “death grip” on the handles, sqeezing their hands hard.
Please explain the weighted ball movement pattern exercises…sounds interesting.
I like the idea of sprinting after a job as part of the warm up, might incorporate that.


I leave it up to the thrower. Some guys will go out to close to max distance, some keep it pretty short.
There are a couple of wrist weight circuits that are pretty good I think for activation. We do them both before and after throwing, although, the post throwing is four exercises only along with a few other things.


It is good and applies to have a routine as well.
Get the guy physically ready and, hopefully, in a good mental place as well.
Nothing makes me battier than watching high school guys warm up and them talking between every pitch with the catcher or the other pitchers…whats going on after the game, social stuff, the MLB game last night…all nonsense. Or guys that want to work on “new” pitches while they are warming up.
Well, there is one thing that makes me crazier. A coach calling a kid in to pitch with no warm up. The kid grabs his glove and gets 8 warm up throws on the mound and is supposed to be ready. To me, this is mostly bad organization by the coach. I have seen one program where I live (not surprisingly the most successful program) have 2 or 3 pitchers start a routine mid first innings…two guys, usually a right and a lefty will take a jog, start with bands ect. By the 2nd inning, playing catch, getting loose. Even if the starter is cruising by the 3rd they are pretty ready to go. If the starter starts to struggle the coach has a couple of guys loose and warm in the pen. As soon as one a guy goes in to pitch, next man up starts the routine. This means the coach has his pitching rotation set ahead of time. Crazy.